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Whey CORE Protein Powder- 1KG
Whey CORE Protein Powder- 1KG

Whey CORE Protein Powder- 1KG

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Chocolate and Vanilla option in 1kg

Kiwi Soul Food CORE is a low carbohydrate high quality Whey Protein. 

Kiwi Soul Food only uses real food and only natural ingredients. If you are trying to keep things real, then look no further. Eating healthy has never been easier.

Protein is essential for our bodies; we need to make sure we get enough. Without protein we wouldn’t be able to build muscles or repair our tissues. It is important not only for athletes and body builders but everyday people looking to be fitter, leaner and have more energy.

Our Whey is sourced from Grass Fed New Zealand cows. New Zealand whey is rated one of the best in the world. This is because New Zealand cows are not injected with antibiotics or rBGH ( growth hormone). Both of which have shown to have negative effects on people health.

Whey protein Concentrate (WPC) is a rich source of BCAA’s and Glutamine and is ideal to help build lean body muscle.

WPC contains 10 Amino acids making it a complete protein. WPC and has been shown to help maintain muscle when trying to lose fat. WPC is able to help with endurance, been shown to reduce cravings and help control blood sugar levels. This along with the minimal amounts of carbohydrates in may help in your weight management goals.  WPC is abundant in an amino acid known as leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid that plays a key role in initiating protein synthesis. This helps build lean muscle. Getting your daily intake of protein has never been easier. Simply add to your favourite smoothie or add to water and have as is that delicious

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