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Free Range Egg White Protein CORE-1kg
Free Range Egg White Protein CORE-1kg

Free Range Egg White Protein CORE-1kg

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What makes Kiwi Soul Food Paleo Protein different?

Kiwi Soul Food Paleo CORE is a low carbohydrate blend of high quality Protein .  

Kiwi Soul Food only uses real food and only natural ingredients. If you are trying to keep things real, then look no further. Eating healthy has never been easier.

Why Is Protein Important

Protein is essential for our bodies; so we need to make sure we get enough. Without protein, our bodies are unable to build muscles or repair tissues. Protein is important for not only athletes and body builders but also everyday people looking to be fitter, leaner and have more energy. Free Range Egg White Protein is a rich source of BCAA’s and Glutamine and is ideal to help build lean body muscle. Free Range Egg White Protein contains 10 Amino acids making it a complete protein. This is important to assist with muscle repair and recovery. Free Range Egg White Protein has been shown to help maintain muscle density when trying to lose fat.  A higher muscle density helps burn fat and calories. This in turn will help develop a lean body that has energy. Free Range Egg White Protein is able to help with endurance, been shown to reduce cravings and help control blood sugar levels. This along with the minimal amounts of carbohydrates can help in your weight management goals.

Why is Free Range Egg better than non Free Range

Free Range Egg white protein powder has also been shown to have higher amounts of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, compared to eggs harvested from factory-farmed poultry. Better still consuming free range means you are doing the right thing ethically.

 Egg protein powder is lactose-free and paleo. This makes it an ideal alternative for individuals who cannot consume dairy products due to lactose intolerance or those following a paleo lifestyle. Obtaining your daily intake of protein has never been easier. Simply add to your favourite smoothie or add to water and have as is that delicious

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