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What we are about

We often get asked how Let's Go Eshop start. The best way to tell you is to describe the day our founder had when they had the “aha” moment.
The day started much like any other.
It was 7:30am I had not had breakfast yet or my coffee. I was barely dressed and my toddler was demanding my attention. I had a ton of work to do and I could feel the tension in my muscles rising. I was wondering how I was going to pull it off today.
How was I going to make it to work on time, looking fabulous, give my toddler the attention he needed, be organised for that much-needed holiday we booked months ago and somehow release the tension in my neck and shoulders.
I needed to release the tension ASAP - I felt like a wound up elastic band about to snap.
I knew in that moment there was more to life. With technology and advancements there had to be options to make my life easier! Right?
It was then and there that Let's Go Eshop was born.
As a company we decided to make it our mission to find inspirational products that would simplify and improve not only our lives but yours to.
We started searching high and low for the best of all of life’s innovations & inspirations that made life easier, simpler and brought the joy back. Innovations that would help change the chaotic mess that life has become into something that was adventurous, fun and simple.
I have to tell you, in our quest we have tried some dodgy items (don’t worry we have left them where we found them). There have been some epic fails, wasted money and time. Sometimes we felt as thought it was bloody pointless. We became frustrated.
But then we started to learn and we started to discover some real gems.
Wait till you hear about and see the amazing new things we at Let’s Go Eshop have discovered!
You not going to believe some of these discoveries. You are going to wish you had heard about them sooner. Some seem too good to be true and that is the beauty of them.
Now there are solutions to my travel expedition. We have discovered amazing therapies for muscle pain that work- and best of all these have helped improve sleep to, bonus!
Remember I said I needed to get to work looking fabulous. At the time, I was more worried about my outside appearance. Through my journey with Let’s Go Eshop we have discovered products that will improve outward appearances and products that make you feel amazing inside to….no point looking amazing on the outside if you feel like sh*t on the inside, am I right!
We have discovered items that make life with children a little easier…yes we all love our kids but parenting is hard, make no mistake about it. Anything that can make it a little easier is worth its weight in gold I’m convinced of it.
We’ve bought you these items, we know they will make your life easier and more enjoyable. We'll continue to seek out new ideas and inventions to improve my life and yours…the journey has only started and we're hooked!