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Hmm I smell a rat...

It may shock you but most dietary supplements are not tested or approved by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration). Not all protein powders are made from quality protein.

What! Yeah you read correctly. So take a minute to think about that for a second. Many products that you are buying online or off shop shelves are not FDA approved. What does that mean exactly? Well all the hundreds of thousands of fat burners, performance boosters, vitamins, minerals, herbs and protein powders you see that have some really clever marketing are self regulated. Many contain a number of really nasty hidden ingredients.

The reason for this is that many supplement companies cut all kinds of corners when it comes to quality ingredients in order to make an extra dollar.

You need to ask the question what are you swallowing!

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Why Kiwi Soul Food is different

*Made with only natural ingredients

*Free from artificial sweeteners, colours & Preservatives

*Packed with Superfoods for increased energy & convenience

*All products packed under strict MPI standards

*Ethically sourced Egg Protein & Grass Fed Whey

*No Added Hormones or hidden nasties

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